On this page you will find some information on places of interest in Sicily.

Our land has to be explored through the five senses: observing the intense color of the sky and landscapes, listening to the sound of the sea breeze and the shouts in the markets, breathing in the scent of the seaside and the smells of cooking food, tasting the typical products of our land, touching the rough peel of oranges, the fine sand, the smooth ceramics and, of course, the refreshing sea water.

Only then you will discover its true essence.

PalermoCrossroad of cultures and peoples, even today traces of the Arab and Norman domination are visible in its beautiful churches and typical markets. The warmth of the people and the variety of flavors of food are surely one of a kind. The city has many events going on in both summer and winter time.

In the month of October, thanks to the event “Le vie dei Tesori” (The road of treasures), most of the historical sites and monuments will be open to the public, even those that during the year have no visiting hour.

Do not miss the visit to the shrine of the patron saint, Santa Rosalia, (Santuzza for Palermo people) the shrine setting offers an extraordinary view of the city from above and over the Gulf of Mondello, the town beach.

Cattedrale di Palermo

San Vito Lo Capo

Awarded as the most beautiful beach of Italy by Traveller’s Choice awards from Tripadvisor because of its golden sand and crystal clear waters that each year attract thousands of tourists from around the world.

There are plenty of events and nightlife like the famous Cous cous fest held every year in the month of September and the Kite Festival held in May. Also ideal for sport lovers such as hikers and climbers as well as beach volleyball players and snorkeling lovers.

A few steps away from San Vito Lo Capo there is the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a wonderful piece of paradise that offers the opportunity to meet wild nature, crystal clear sea and small picturesque bays.


A small medieval village, situated on the homonymous Mount Erice in a splendid panoramic position; admire Trapani and its kilometers of salt pans and the Egadi from the entrance to the village. Entering the town it seems to go back to a thousand years ago, its castle is almost untouched and it dominates the whole town.

The tiny narrow streets, the stone buildings, the many churches still active, they have helped in making Erice one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.



Segesta was one of the major city of the Elimi, a population of peninsular culture and tradition; according to ancient history they came from Troy. The city, strongly Hellenized in appearance and culture, reached a leading role among the centers in Sicily and over the Mediterranean basin, to the point of engaging Athens and Carthage in hostilities with its secular enemy, Selinunte. In addition to the archaeological park and the ossuary of Pianto Romano, Calatafimi Segesta has an interesting old town which welcomes in winding Medieval alleys and quaint.

Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi (Staricase of the Turks) is a living cliff; it consists of an outcrop of marl prominent white sea, whose degrading groundwater layers give a strong sense of atmosphere to the landscape. It is a very special setting if focusing on the strong color contrast: the blue of the sea and that of the sky in contrast with the blinding white of the rock.

The form that this natural monument takes is precisely that of a staircase, where according to the legend, during the Moorish invasions that raged in the ‘500, the Turks (erroneously so defined) landed in the territory of today’s Realmonte climbing on stratifications of this crag; therefore the name “ Staircase of the Turks”



For many years it has been a destination for tourists from all parts of Italy and Europe for the superlative beauty of its rocky coasts and seadeds. Scopello was recentely even more revalued due to its proximity to the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

The traditional cuisine is based on fish, the gastronomic specialties are from agricultural civilization, the local school focus on ceramic production; Cultural events and exhibitions take place especially in the summer time with the possibility of staying in comfortable homes and comfortable guest houses for an extraordinary stay in which nature and culture compete.


The city of Marsala satisfies every type of traveler: sports can be practiced in the charming (and very windy) Stagnone lagoon such as kitesurfing, waterskiing and windsurfing; lovers of food and wine culture can visit the wine cellars for which the town is famous; the art and archeology enthusiasts can visit museums, archaeological sites and stunning churches.

Do not miss the visits to the many wineries, which also offer the chance to taste local wines, and a boat trip to the island of Mozia, an ancient Phoenician outpost.

Da non perdere le visite alle numerose cantine, che offrono anche la possibilità di degustare i vini del territorio, e la visita in barca all’isola di Mothia, antico avamposto fenicio.


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